Sunday, October 5, 2014

26 Days 'Til Halloween: Candy Sunday (1)

A little while ago I was waiting in line at Sheetz. I had of course paid for gas at the pump but I had also run inside to pick up some road snacks. And while I was looking around at the various impulse displays while the person in front of me counted out exact change for their purchase (I must have left my phone in the car) I happened to notice this:

The Cadbury Screme Egg. Eh? Ehhhhh??? I am quite a big fan of the Creme Egg candy and honestly about the only thoughts that went through my mind when I saw the item in question for sale were, well, that's not the worst pun I've ever heard and hey, good for somebody in marketing at Cadbury for figuring out a way to sell their treats year-round instead of only at Easter.

But after I had paid for my sodas and Combos and I was walking back to my car it occurred to me that I was about to embark on a road trip to the beach for my summer vacation. The date was August 16, and I had just been idly thinking about a Halloween-branded confection.

It's a common refrain these days to hear people complain about how early the Christmas stuff goes up in the stores, and in particular it's common for my people (read: geeks with blogs) to get vociferously bent out of shape about how Halloween ends up getting shortchanged in the process, with Christmas Creep clawing its way well into October. (Hence, really, efforts like the Halloween Countdown blog-fests to attempt, however vainly, to stem the yule-tide from swamping our collective awareness.) So in the interest of fairness I did want to relate this little anecdote about Halloween candy for sale in mid-August. Everything creeps. These are the double-edged bald eagle claws of capitalism, folks. So it goes and so it goes.

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