Saturday, October 11, 2014

20 Days 'Til Halloween Grab Bag

Don't forget about the contest running all this month here at the blog!


Speaking of the banner (up top!) which is the subject of said contest, my wife pointed out to me that I neglected to include any images of Homestar Runner characters dressed up in costume. She's absolutely right that there are no denizens of Free Country, USA hidden in the banner anywhere, and considering the massive fan-love we both had for those annual online festivities, it does seem like a glaring omission. But it's not exactly an oversight; I was deliberately going for not just a Halloween theme but a horror theme in the seasonal banner, and although my source material ranged from comic books to sitcoms to children's movies, I think I managed to keep it in that vein. The Homestar Runner Halloween costumes were always much more in the zone of "name the pop culture reference" which is of course very much in the spirit of this blog as well as something I loved about them, but not the direction I was going.

Still, this is for my wife:

Because Homsar. (Also bonus points for "Polk", my wife's favorite one-term U.S. president.)


Bit of a follow-up to Thursday's post about how we don't decorate our house for Halloween: we do have some autumnal decorations for inside the house which make an appearance every year, but they are small understated little accent pieces. A scarecrow couple for the middle of the table, jack-o-lantern and ghost-shaped candle holders. Don't get me wrong, these decorations make me happy and I'm not in any way saying that it's a bad thing that they are unobtrusive and don't take over huge footprints of floorspace (we save that for Christmastime, obviously). I don't think I've mentioned this expressly but if you click on the Creature From the Black Lagoon over there to the right, you'll go to the hub website for Countdown to Halloween 2014, and find links to about a million other blogs who are doing their own. I've been perusing some of them myself and on one I found a nice write-up for a Halloween "mood table" which struck me as a cool way to put out a lot of Halloween decorations at once in the corner of a room, without having the black and orange take over the entire house. And for half a second I thought to myself "I should do something like that" and then I remembered oh right I have an 18 month old. Knick-knacks up on high shelves and in the middle of tall tables it is!


OK one more Homestar reference in the spirit of the season, just 'cuz:

Marshie knows that tomorrow is another installment of Candy Sunday! See you then!

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