Monday, October 6, 2014

25 Days 'Til Halloween: Proper Scheduling

There's nothing quite like having a week monumentally derailed, and then recovering, and then getting ready to start again with a clean slate the following Monday, only to have a completely different set of problems descend and throw things off in another direction. My wife spent the weekend resting and recovering, we both woke up on time (or close enough) today, while the kids slept in a bit, which gave us a chance to take stock and make sure that everything was reasonably under control for me to leave and her to hold down the fort, and I went out to my car in the garage with enough time to catch my usual train ... and my car would not start. My wife and I traded cars, roadside assistance was summoned, the little guy ended up walking down to his bus stop with the neighbors, and all in all it could have been far, far worse, but still. Not the foot I was hoping to lead with.

At the rate things have been going, it will be a major accomplishment just to make it to Halloween in one piece this year. I mean, I'm sure we will make it, it's just going to feel like it took everything in the tank to get there. I am especially grateful that this year Halloween happens to fall on a Friday. As I've been known to pontificate now and then, certain days not currently observed as business-closing occasions really should be, and All Saint's Day is one of them because everyone, young and old, could use a day off after the night before to sleep off some kind of hangover or another. (Sometimes more than one at once!)

So at least November dawns on a Saturday this fall, and the running of the witch's gauntlet can cross a finish line that leads directly into a day of rest. Small favors and all that.

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