Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Grab Bag Why Not

Department of Corrections: My wife brought to my attention on Thursday night that the links I had tried to include in my Wednesday geek-ramble were malfunctioning. That will teach me to not check my posts as they go live, and also to double-check the technical stuff when I copy from Word into the Blogger interface. The point being, they are fixed! If you were desperately curious to follow where I was trying to point you, you can time-travel back to Wednesday and have at it again.


Yankees/Red Sox this weekend! And all three games are being televised on national feeds, because it's a battle for first in the AL East and apparently (despite the Sox pretty much having the Yanks number this season, especially at Fenway) everyone thinks it could go either way. Last night's game gave me ulcers, but the Bombers managed to get the W (and without a home run, too). Not a great start for Bartolo Colon, which bums me out because I look to that guy, a professional athlete, as justification for describing my own build as "athletic".

Just more of me to love, senoritas.
My wife, for her part, has decided that her favorite thing about baseball right now is that it's almost time for football.


I know it's been a minor eternity since I did an SGB post, and I'm not saying they're going to become regular again, but we'll see. At the moment both children are relatively unfussy and my lovely wife is taking some morning exercise. And I really wanted to address the broken-links-from-Wednesday thing. And I've been sitting on that dumb Bartolo Colon joke for a while. So there you go.

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