Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catastrophic decompression

Right, so last week when I made passing, almost unwilling reference to our house problems with leaky dishwashers and warped hardwood floors and noisy amelioration machines and such? If I had blogged over the weekend, I might have also reluctantly provided updates on the fact that our air conditioner started to crap itself.

So yesterday was my wife's day off and she was able to meet the water remediation guy who took away the dehumidifier and basement industrial fans. I played hooky from work today to stay home and meet not one but two service people, one who came and installed the replacement dishwasher part (so our weeklong domestic nightmare of washing dishes by hand is now at an end) and one who came to check out the AC. Dishwasher guy was in and out in about 45 minutes. AC guy was here for about 5 hours. He found massive freon leaks in both in the exterior and interior units and various other issues and problems and gave me a choice among

A - massive repairs to the whole system, which might extend the AC's life significantly, but no guarantees

B - minor repairs to the whole system just to get it working for a little while longer

and C - replacing the entire system

So I opted for B with an eye toward probably getting around to C sooner than later. It is a good dang thing this house was such a steal. Also an even better dang thing that fortunately the heat bubble has burst and the past weekend was really quite pleasant; opening all the windows and running every fan in the house made the lack of AC not that huge of a hardship. (If it had been 98 in both degrees of Fahrenheit and percent humidity we no doubt would have decamped to a hotel.)

Upshot is, as of this evening we have a non-leaking dishwasher and a functioning-at-the-moment AC. Fortunately I like to live in the now. Still need to have some contractors come out and look at the hardwood floor situation and then begin the actual work and all that fun stuff. I will, with no doubt a marked lack of enthusiasm, keep everyone posted.

Geekier, funner stuff tomorrow!

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