Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogstones (2)

200 times better than the Battle of Thermopylae!
So this is the 500th post I’ve made on the blog. If you know me well enough to be familiar with my fascination (or fixation) on numbers and metrics and such, you must understand how it killed me to not manage the feat of getting this post up on Sunday, the actual 2-year anniversary of this endeavor, and thereby make one big hoohaw out of the whole deal. I had my chance, in that I was well aware how close I was to 500 posts when August 1st rolled around, and I also knew the bloggiversary was near the end of the month. With a couple more Saturday Grab Bags or Sunday Specials or even a double-posting day or two over the course of the month, I could have had 499 posts in the archives by the time this past Sunday dawned. But it never quite came together; between visiting family members and defective dishwashers and water remediation and natural disasters, it has been quite the frenzied late summer.

It’s been quite the couple of years, though, really. When I started the blog I was living in a townhouse with my wife and our nearly-one-year-old son and our two cats and one dog, I took the bus to the Metro to get to work at my corporate HQ, and I wasn’t quite sure how long I’d last under the self-imposed demands of yammering out a bit of text almost every day. Now there’s a bigger house, one of the cats passed on and a new kitten has been taken in, joining the thoroughly absurd backup dog we also acquired, the little guy is about to turn 3 and has a little sister who’s almost 5 months old, I never have to drive on I66 except by choice, I’ve relocated between several desks and from one building to another to another (and oddly enough am now working a block down and across the street from corporate HQ) and these quotidian dispatches show no signs of letting up any time soon. In fact I am once again thinking up potential recurring features to keep things interesting, but those will have to wait for the fullness of time before I say too much more about them. Life does keep keeping on, and has a tendency to interrupt my plans pretty regularly (though obviously I’m hardly the first person to ever observe the phenomenon).

Perhaps in August of 2013 I will have my wits about me enough to align the 1000th post with the four-year anniversary of the blog. We shall see.

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