Monday, August 29, 2011

Blogstones (1)

Technically, yesterday - August 28th - was the two-year anniversary of this here blog. I had kind of thought I might do a lot of blogging this weekend to commemorate the occasion, but that ended up not happening. Hurricanes and all, you know how it goes.

And there was much rejoicing ...
I didn't mark the first anniversary of the blog last year because it fell in the middle of a week which my family and I spent down in the Outer Banks on vacation. If I had let it pass without comment this year, then that would have essentially established non-recognition as a tradition forevermore, and I don't think I want to set that precedent.

So maybe next year there will be a bigger to-do. For now I just wanted to say hey, how about that, and thanks to anyone and everyone who's been reading for any span since 2009.

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