Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Service interruption

Zorak and Moltar DO apologize.

Do not adjust your modems, people. The blog has not suffered from an electromagnetic pulse memory wipe, nor are the servers infested with a scourge of copper weevils. I am simply chipping away at a task with a deadline, which is consuming 100% of my workdays, leaving no time at all for idle blogging.

Which is a shame, because there's a ton of things I want to talk about! I finished reading an excellent novel last weekend, and I've seen a couple of very good movies recently, and people have been commenting on various recent posts in ways which makes me very much want to respond at length. Not to mention the 2013 edition of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die is out on the streets, and that could spur a couple of discussions right there.

I will catch up as soon as I can, but I'm not gonna lie, the next couple of weeks are gonna be tough. Stand by. We are working to restore the regular blogging schedule as soon as possible.

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