Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Islands in the (Time)stream

I feel like I do this all the time (so much so that my knee-jerk inclination is to preemptively apologize for it) but I have once again found myself struggling to latch onto a topic to blog about today, which involves thinking about what day it is (to give myself a theme to structure things around) and also thinking about what’s been going on in my life of late (to mine for raw material), which in turn leads to simply getting hung up on the trappings of weekdays and months and seasons and what it all is supposed to mean and what it all actually does mean and on and on and on, dwelling on the obvious.

Nevertheless, here we are. The calendar officially flipped over the weekend and it is now September. Technically it’s still summer until the equinox, but it no longer feels like summertime, what with kids going back to school and all. (Which would seem to close the door on SUMMER SCHOOL posts as well, but never let it be said that I don’t love running a good idea deep into the ground, so there may yet be one or two more of those straggling in.) I’ve always felt that the transition from August to September is the most jarring shift of the entire year, even during the loooooong stretch of time when I was no longer a student on any kind of academic calendar, and no one else in my household was either. But that stretch is on the veritable cusp of ending, as well! Tomorrow the little guy officially begins kindergarten, and we’ll be on the hook for at least one kid in public school from then until June of 2032 or so (presumably, unless the baby ends up skipping a grade or two, or institutionalized U.S. education as we know it completely ceases to exist, or something). Exciting times.

So yesterday was a holiday (and if the 1st of September doesn’t mark the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day almost certainly does) and tomorrow I’m taking the day off work to take care of some obligations in the morning (more on that tomorrow, maybe) and then hopefully be home to meet the little guy coming off the school bus in the afternoon. That leaves today as this strange, isolated bubble of Big Gray time between two momentous days off from work, and I’m trying harder than I usually do to be productive rather than coasting on the general post-holiday hangover vibe. Because otherwise, by the time I really knuckle down to serious work it will already be Thursday, and that’s just crazy-talk.

Thus another short post, virtually devoid of meaningful content! I’ll get back into the swing of things one of these days, honest I will. There’s always October just around the corner.

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