Monday, September 9, 2013

Feels like overtime

I talked to quite a few different people this past weekend who wanted to know how kindergarten was going for the little guy, and I gave all of them some variation on the same answer: so far, so good, and we would see how he fared in the first full five-day week as opposed to the Wednesday thru Friday stretch which eased him in last week.

It only occurred to me this morning that I, too, had a short week last week and was staring down the barrel of a full 40 hours this week. Not for the first time in my life, of course, but for the first time in several weeks, and I do get spoiled pretty easily. I responded to this in the most sensible manner possible: by putting in for a day of personal leave for next Friday. Technically this will allow me to spend much of that day packing and loading the car and the rest (after picking up the little guy straight from school) driving up to New Jersey, where my wife and I will be attending a wedding the following day. But it also means that I can grit my teeth and get through the current week at the Big Gray knowing that I get a bit of a reprieve next week, which is a nice and one might even say necessary psychological boost.

I’m still reasonably busy at work, doing tedious stuff but at least consistently able to get access to and make progress on said stuff. The conclusion of the major project I’ve been bitching about for almost a year now is dizzyingly close at hand. Honestly, at this point every aspect of the project which is quote-unquote mission critical has been delivered, and my users are up and running, performing their job duties while I continue to backfill some optional-but-nice(-and-sooner-or-later-somebody’s-going-to-need-it-and-come-looking-for-it) areas. Kind of a drag that when I finally put a bow on everything and mark the whole file CLOSED, nobody but me will really notice, but so it goes.

At any rate, there are some major points I want to cover in the blog this week (don’t misunderstand, they will be trivial pop culture subjects as usual, and “major” refers to the number of words I will generate on the topics, not their inherent importance) so I will cap this post here and return to my legitimate work, in hopes of getting a bit ahead and freeing up that much more time for random obsessing-out-loud tomorrow.

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