Monday, October 24, 2011


I’m going to cop out with an extremely short post today, owing to a couple of competing factors. This past weekend was dominated by my wife’s vet clinic’s annual open house on Sunday, for which my wife had to stay at work late on Saturday cleaning and setting up, and slightly longer than usual on Sunday to wind down the event itself. It all threw me for a strange loop, as this was the fourth Open House we’ve been through but the first one since the birth of our daughter, which meant it was the first time I spent the vast majority of a weekend wrangling both munchkins by myself. Generally either I’ve been at work utilizing different (if any) parts of my brain before running the dinner-and-bedtime juggling gauntlet in the span of a couple hours, OR I am home with the kids on the weekend while my wife works but she’s home again well before dinner time both days. I’d never done a marathon like this past Saturday and by Sunday evening I was depleted. (And also kind of in a self-induced food coma because my wife said “Let me treat for dinner!” and I said “OK, how about Chinese!” and proceded to eat entirely too much kung pao chicken. So that’s on me.)

So today is something of a recovery day but, as it happens, I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow to go over some actual application development which wasn’t quite finished this morning, so I’ve spent the majority of the day today doing actual coding and testing and whatnot. I am just as shocked as anyone, although not so much that the “few, tiny things” I thought I had left turned out to be problematically knotty and time-consuming; that’s just par for the course for me, really. I did get it done (or done enough to have the meeting and demo some stuff and if anything blows up I’ll just have to stare peevishly at the screen and scribble some quick notes about bug-fixes for the next go round) so I have a moment now to check in on the blog, but no major revelations to make or observations to ponder. Some days are like that.

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