Monday, October 3, 2011


It’s true, I had a birthday over the weekend and am now 37 years of age. Not really a traditional milestone along the lifepath but nevertheless it does carry a certain sense of “OK, now. SERIOUSLY.” Maybe it’s being a mere three years away from legit point of reckoning 40, maybe it’s just me. But I do feel as though I may have crossed a line where I really don’t have as much time to put things off indefinitely. Getting and staying healthy, tending to my house and plot o’ land, figuring out what exactly I’m doing with my long-term job plans: these are things I need to get on top of before I can’t even see the top of them anymore. The weirdest part may be that this realization isn’t hitting me as a crushing thing. I’m not weeping and wailing (or even scuffing and grumbling) about how quickly the days of carefree youth went by. It’s more of a “yeah, okay, here I am, let’s figure this thing out”, which is really not so bad.

So part of that, as mentioned, has to do with work and making at least a token effort to put a little more into it in hopes of getting a little more out of it, which I’ve been attempting today as my first post-b-day week in the cubicle opens up. I’m also slightly in catch-up mode as there were one or two things I put on my Thursday status report which I expected in full good faith to get done on Friday, only to end up not going to work on Friday at all because the little guy got too sick for daycare on Thursday night (more about that tomorrow). So I’m still not quite up to full speed here. Hopefully by midweek that will have turned around.

In other words I’m a little older and still as slack as ever but maybe sort of seeing the first outlying indicators that I’ll be trying to be less slack in the somewhat near future? I think that about sums it up.

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