Friday, October 7, 2011

Ah, nerts

As always, I realized too late that I spoke too soon. I was right about baseball season being just about over, at least. That Yankees loss was a difficult game to watch last night. Part of me, while I was watching it, was convinced that falling behind in the very first frame but by a surmountable margin and playing excruciatingly slow and incremental catch-up all night only to fall just short in the end made for the worst kind of loss. But honestly, would a different kind of loss have been any better? Would I have preferred a blowout? Or an early lead that crumbled? I suppose not. Ah well, football it is, then.

(I do have to note, while I still can, that it is still very strange to me that we are headed into week 5 of the NFL season and the Giants and Redskins are tied for the lead in the NFC East while the Cowboys and Eagles are struggling. What weird alternate universe have I stumbled into? Of course now that I’ve pointed it out I have activated the blog-jinx and the Giants’ days on top are numbered. I really should stop doing that.)

Post-baseball, amazingly, the night went further downhill because our precious little baby girl would not go to sleep on her own. Then she reversed her stomach contents a couple of times and we took her temperature to find she had a very slight fever. She finally settled down around 1 a.m. and this morning we took her temperature again, and it remained elevated, a little bit higher still, definitely over the line of normal parameters. So not only does that mean we’re still apparently a few days out from everything being back to the normal routine, but it means the mystery of how her brother could have spiked a fever while she remained hunky-dory has been solved: the bug was simply biding its time.

The good news is that we are headed into a long weekend and my government office is, as a direct result, closing early today so I can get home that much faster to relieve grandma, who was pressed into emergency childcare service via morning summons today. The little guy made it back to school for the first time in like a week and a half, so I’ll have to pick him up, too, but then hopefully we can all just settle in for some uninterrupted recovery. (And hopefully saying “hopefully” will negate anything which might be construed as an actual prediction the universe feels compelled to countermand.)

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