Monday, October 17, 2011

Five by five

Not very much of note going on at work this week (unless you count a potluck breakfast scheduled for tomorrow morning, which should at least be somewhat diverting) but nevertheless it should be interesting to see how it plays out. Once again I find myself in the mental mode of not quite being able to remember the last time I put in five consecutive days at the office from Monday to Friday, between the supervision of our hardwood floor installers (which now seems like an eternity ago) the more recent sick days. But this could be a full work week, if nothing unforeseen pops up. Well, 90%+ of a full work week.

I went to the dentist on Saturday because, holy wow, there’s a dentist in town that is actually open on Saturdays. And I haven’t been to the dentist since before we moved two years ago, so I was overdue. Of course, I should have realized all of the above would have a cumulative delayed-backfire kind of effect. Because it had been so long since I’d seen a dentist, of course I need some moderately time-consuming procedures done above and beyond the typical friendly cleaning. And I made the appointment something like six weeks ago, because while they are open on Saturdays as you can imagine those Saturday slots fill up rapidly. So at the end of my exam I was asked to make another appointment for the real scrape-down-the-grit work, and they didn’t have a Saturday available for months to come, so I opted for … first thing this coming Friday.

Close to the bone
In theory if I can stay late and/or go in early a couple times this week then I should be able to come in late on Friday after my dental appointment and still have a full 40 hours to report on my timecard. In theory. But if nothing else, I’m learning not to make too many plans too far in advance these days, because the tendency for things to get forcibly rearranged at the last minute is overwhelming.

The dentist was by no means the highlight of my weekend, but has the most direct bearing on my work schedule. I’ll be revisiting the weekend’s far more enjoyable and rewarding aspects as the week goes along, interspersing them with actual breaking news as necessary (which, I’d wager, it won’t be) or just letting them fill out the usual agenda of daily topicality.

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