Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Turning corners

I always find it strangely gratifying when things kind of naturally align in a way that makes a pleasing amount of sense and allows me to feel like I more or less have my temporal-cognitive bearings straight (a vanishingly rare phenomenon these days). So we went on our biannual summer vacation to the beach and I took a week off from the blog, and then I spent the week after that catching up on detailing the various highlights and whatnot of said vacation, and then having dispensed with all that it was Labor Day weekend and now it’s September and the first day of school for the little guy and I am back at work and it feels like there’s been a nice, cleanly demarcated break between summer and fall, if not in standard astronomical terms of equinoctial points and such, then at least by way of The Feels.

So of course this week is going to be a scorcher; after an incredibly mild summer of 80’s temps and low humidity, now we’re in for the usual muggy 90’s that we should rightly expect living in a dressed-up drained swamp (or working in same; technically I suppose I live more in the swamp-adjacent foothills or something).

That’s really all I wanted to do today, is take a moment to observe and acknowledge the pivot-point in time. I will have more to say about the first day of school, and the little girl and little bino’s recently begun experiences at a new daycare as well, at the usual appointed time (Thursday). For now, I just need to meditate mindfully on the office air conditioning in order to be able to carry it with me in my mind when I have to walk through the steamy miasma to the train in a couple hours.

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