Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A riddle

What has two thumbs, a birthday one week from today, and an admittedly unseemly amount of self-regard?


I feel fairly justified going into birthday mode at this point since the big celebration for this year has already gone down, at the ballgame organized by my beautiful and amazing wife, where everyone had a great time and I was given yet another unneeded but welcome reminder of how lucky I am, maritally speaking. Still, I'm trying not to milk the birthday thing too hard, redecorating the blog notwithstanding. The new banner up top is a reflection of aforementioned egomania (if you know me IRL, you'll get the joke; if not, don't even worry about it) but it is temporary, scheduled for the final countdown to turning 40 and due to come down again not long after the big day. The regular banner will likely return before too long, but not before November 1st or so. For most of October there will be yet another banner above the old blog. As far as what that will look like and what it all means, well, I suppose you'll just have to keep coming back and see for yourself.

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