Monday, September 29, 2014

The end is nigh

I am supposed to fill out my electronic time card every day, and I am supposed to track time against specific contract numbers, which of course change over time. Technically I support two different contract efforts for my employer at the same agency, and there's a different system ID not just for each separate effort but for each option year of each respective contract, and so those have rolled over at the end of each fiscal year (September 30).

So this morning I logged in to the company intranet to record my (projected) hours for today and noticed that my contract lines are an alarming shade of purple, which I assume is intended to serve as a reminder indicator for me that I really can't charge any time against those numbers after today, when they will expire. I say "assume" because I haven't really gotten official word from my contracting boss or anything. I know that our six-month bridge contract has been approved at some critical level of authority and I know that official finalization is in the works, but I haven't heard what new numbers I should be adding to my time card app. Nor have I gotten a new Work Authorization Form, a sheet of paper indicating that I'm allowed to work here for a certain duration of time, which I'm legally supposed to have posted somewhere visible in my cubicle.

I'm sure, or at least reasonably confident, that all these things will get sorted out in short order. But I also think it's indicative of the kind of not-quite-sure-where-things-are-at kind of fall we're in for around here.

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