Monday, August 4, 2014

The silk noose

Since I’m already at work as I type this, the getting-ready-for-work part of the day has clearly already come and gone. So that means I only have to go through the morbid ritual of tying a knot around my neck seven more times (three more this week, four next week, thank you jeebus for BizCasFri) before the long awaited beach vacation is upon us. That sounds pretty survivable.

This past weekend was pretty jam-packed. I went out to the movies not once but twice, Friday night and Saturday night, and in between those excursions I took the little guy and little girl to the annual Brickfair at the expo center. I will expound upon all of those entertainments and diversions later in the week. But there’s more! Yesterday, we had a cookout at a community pool with some friends of ours (a couple my wife and I met in college, and another couple the female half of which is an old childhood friend of my wife’s; funny enough the other two couple know each other not merely through us but because they now live in the same neighborhood, have kids on the same swim teams, belong to the pool we went to, &c. Small world.) and that took up most of the day, threw off the little girl and the bino’s nap schedule quite a bit, and made the dinner routine and bath/badtimes a little grueling, but on balance it was a good time and we were glad we went. Exhausted, but glad.

I got to talking a bit to the husband of the college-friends couple about work stuff (he’s a government contractor as well) and I went to one of the two movies with my buddy who was trying to help me get a new gig at his company throughout the first half of this year, and we talked a bit about happenstance and silver linings and whatnot, so I do actually have a lot of work-related thoughts floating in my head right now. But I’m also kind of worn out and inclined to keep this post short and sweet, and maybe save the ruminations on my employment situation until tomorrow, or next week, or something. You will have to stay tuned to find out!

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