Friday, August 15, 2014

Random recollection

I was the kind of little kid who looked forward to going to the beach in the summer because I could bring my Star Wars landspeeder toy and pretend the sand was the surface of Tatooine. And whenever there was a snow day in the winter, all I wanted to do was take my Hoth versions of Luke and Han outside and carve ice tunnels in the accumulation on the picnic table. When Return of the Jedi came out I was thrilled because finally, the forest moon of Endor provided an environment that my backyard resembled almost all year long.

Of course it was only a couple more years after that when I had fully converted to seeing beach trips, snow storms, and most every other day of the year as an opportunity to disappear into a book (or twelve), rather than to re-enact movie scenes or comics storylines with my action figures. Time flies. It always has.

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