Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blogstones (5)

Five years ago today I started blogging, and while I've had my share of low content days, silent stretches, and repeated motifs driven mercilessly into the ground, I have to hold my head high for the simple fact that the blog hasn't joined my long lifetime list of abandoned projects. (Not yet, anyway.) I've mentioned before that this blog really serves two purposes: giving me a mental outlet for whatever obscure arcana I happen to be obsessing over at any given moment, and exercising my writing neurons on a regular basis. I have to say it's worked out pretty well on both fronts; the latter one took a while to start bearing other fruit, but it's coming along, and the former one more or less speaks for itself if you delve into the archives.

And in that self-celebratory spirit that a blog-a-versary indulges in, I'm going to go ahead and provide a handy cheat sheet for some of my Greatest Hits Such As They Are. At this point I'm closing in on 1200 posts and I wouldn't expect anyone to have read every word of every one. (My wife, who takes her status as my soulmate very seriously, has come pretty close, which makes me humbly grateful to the highest extent imaginable.) But if you were inclined to check out a representative handful of my previous posts over the last half-decade, I might hypothetically recommend these:

This year: A perennial bad guy, out of context

Last year: The intersection between icons of fiction and the flesh and blood human beings who embody them
Just a bunch of stuff I think is rad

2012: My unfortunate tendency to over-emphasize the differences in how I would have done something that someone else did

2011: An epic adventure of absentmindedness

2010: That time I read John Carter before it was cool to bash the theatrical flop
Why I probably shouldn't be trusted with landscaping
Mythology and metaphor and molding impressionable minds

2009: Truly trivial trivia

Enjoy! Or don't! A lot of those older posts are now hilariously out-of-date, as are some others I didn't bother linking to (everything from how hard it is to be the caretaker of two small children [cue sound of karmic laughter] to what video games I saw myself being deeply immersed in in the future). The one about getting locked out of the house is still gold, though, I'm pretty sure. Mostly it's a good sampling of the big overarching themes of my life: my wife and kids, my pop culture fascinations, and the many and varied overlaps therein.

At any rate, whether archive-diving or casually keeping up with an RSS feed, thanks for reading and here's to the next five years!

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