Monday, May 19, 2014

Too on the nose

This morning was supposed to be a return to regularly scheduled programming for my entire family unit. We got back from our epic (in many senses of the word) road trip around 7:30 p.m. Sunday night and my wife and I got the kids to eat at least some of the Happy Meals we picked up in town between the highway and our house, then bathed them all and tucked them all in, sequentially, and then pretty much collapsed ourselves.

I remember saying out loud, "OH, I gotta turn on the alarm clock" but somehow I still managed to oversleep this morning, with no memory whatsoever of the alarm going off. And when I did wake up, I found the alarm completely turned off, not idling through snooze cycles after being slapped by a mostly-still-asleep me or anything like that. Weird. Still, I forced myself into high gear to go through the motions of getting ready, and I was put together enough to leave the house at about my usual time at that.

Only to find that my car wouldn't start. We took my wife's car on the roadtrip because it's the one big enough to seat all five of us. My car sat at home in the garage all weekend, with the headlights and dome lights off and the doors shut &c. so I have no idea why the battery died in our absence, yet so it did. I called roadside assistance and they came out eventually, although by the time they arrived I had also called a cab to take me to the train station, since I knew the engine would need to run for a while after getting jumped, longer than it would take me to drive to the station, anyway. Roadside guy left, cab showed up, I kissed my wife goodbye and she told me she'd turn off the car engine after the appropriate interval, and I finally embarked on my commute. Got to work about an hour late (not that anybody here really noticed, of course).

So, yeah, my ride decided to metaphorically emulate my general mindset this morning: hey, you don't feel like waking up and going to work this morning? Me neither! Very meta. Annoying, but meta. So I've kind of been a step behind in catching up today, hence this relatively trivial placeholder of a Monday post. More about logging serious miles with the kids and our actual adventures in NYC later this week, though, assuming the brain fog eventually lifts.

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