Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Grab Bag Through the Windshield

Just a couple of quickies today, both pertaining to sights seen while driving around:


From the Vanity Plates Archive: Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, which I took the kids to, and I may post a bit more about that at some point. But I wanted to be sure to mention that when we were driving back I saw a white van with the custom tags VANCHEZ. I mean, if your last name were Sanchez (as I assume the driver's was/is), and you happen to own a van, I should hope that you would refer to your ride as The Vanchez. Always. Going ahead and upgrading to the vanity plates is truly above and beyond, but I respect that, too.


Today I took the kids to a birthday party, at the home of very good friends of the family. We have been going over to their house for parties and dinners and random visits literally for years. But today, in the process of turning my car around to get out of their neighborhood, I went down a street I had never noticed before.

I should mention that these friends live in a recently constructed development which fully optimized its land usage. (Read: the houses are all right on top of each other.) Some of the roads in the development are really just glorified pipestem driveways and as such, for all I know, are not legally entitled to be called streets per se. So they are "alleys" instead - but they still get cutesy names just like all the other lanes and courts, usually named after flowers or breeds of duck or whathaveyou. So the name of this particular narrow dead end? Stalwart Alley.



Well played, street-namer. Well played.

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