Monday, May 5, 2014

My sinecure

I’ve resolved to stop ragging on my job, at least in general terms, both here on the blog and in my conversations and interactions with the real world. It’s boring, I’m underutilized and unchallenged, blah blah blah, I’ve said all those things many times over before and there’s really no need to keep restating them again and again. We all get it.

If I really hate the gig so much, I should get out there and find myself a new one, right? And yes, I did make some efforts in that direction centered on one specific job, a staggeringly drawn-out process which remains unresolved and open-ended to this day, but clearly that has taken so long it’s losing its value as anything that really counts toward actively seeking different, more fulfilling employment. Thus it is down to me to either shut up and stop complaining about what I’m obviously content enough about to hold on to, or double down on the hunt by looking past easy opportunities that fall into my lap via the recommendation of friend.

And I reckon I will do that, the doubling-down thing, although oddly enough that is one of my personal lines in the sand. I’ll connect to the cloud from work and write blog posts or whatnot, and I’ll do my fair share of online shopping on the clock, but I won’t sit at my present job and comb through the job listings on career sites. It may seem an utterly arbitrary distinction, but nevertheless in order to find some likely targets for my resume, I need to find the time at home to research what’s out there. (And May is shaping up to be a busy month from wire to wire, so if I make any progress any time soon it will be of the slow rolling start variety.)

In the mean time, I still reserve the right to talk negatively about my workplace when particularly significant, hilarious or enraging events transpire, above and beyond the everyday tedium. But the dull nature of the beast itself is more or less off-limits, if only becomes it seems churlish to keep harping on it.

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