Monday, June 3, 2013

The new dawn

A new month! A new week (five solid days in a row with no holiday time off, no crazy sidetrip to a creepy windowless testing facility, and no excuse to blow off work due to the shellshocked relief of having emerged from a creepy windowless testing facility with a shiny new professional certification)! A new attitude!

Ha ha, just kidding of course, same old attitude as always. One of the difficult aspects of power-cramming for the certification exam was that the whole subject weighed on my mind due to the fact that I had somehow become the point of failure for my big network-migration project’s forward progress. I am long accustomed to dealing with the red tape and inefficiencies of the agency’s infrastructure, and I’m perfectly fine with being the powerless middleman whose official responsibilities include making repeated requests for someone else with actual power to do something, as well as fielding all of the frustrated inquiries of my colleagues as to when things are going to get done. I do what I can, which isn’t much, and I wait for others to do what they can, and I pass along updates as often as possible, and that’s about it. So being told that no one was going to execute the main thrust of my current project, but that I could execute it if I got myself compliant, including the requisite certification, was a bit of a shock. And every day beyond the first few that it took to slog through the study materials added to the burden of guilt.

But! Now I’m once again in familiar territory, having done everything I can possibly do on my side, and waiting for other people to get their acts together and respond appropriately on their side. It was a long time out there in the wilderness, but it’s good to be home. (Well, except for now having to scramble to come up with some acceptable side-projects to make me look busy while I’m waiting for the wheels to slowly turn on the big project, but I assume that goes without saying.)

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