Friday, April 12, 2013

Now We Are ...

When she was One, she had lots of fun.
When she was One-and-a-half, she always made me laugh.
When she was One-and-three-quarters, she got off some real rip-snorters.
Now she is Two, and she’s not nearly new,
But as sassy as anything (and still hilarious, too).

Apologies to A.A. Milne, obviously. But today is the little girl’s birthday! She will have a proper party over the weekend, but this is the date that will no doubt someday mark a national holiday.

This also gives me the opportunity to mention something random which I didn’t get around to yesterday. My wife and I have always found our offspring highly quotable (we’re predisposed to it in any case as the kind of people who quote tv shows and movies at each other), and frequently this is not just because of what our kids say but the way that they say it. I’ve posted before about how the little girl enjoys pretending it’s nap time for her stuffed animals, covering them with blankets and patting them as she murmurs “Ni-night.” A recent addition to the game was waking the animals back up by whipping off the blankets and shouting “Morning!” Except that “r” sound in the middle of the word is especially tricky, so it ends up coming out something more like “moowning!” which is totally irresistible to me and my wife. We greet each other with a high-pitched “moowning!” on the regular these days. Kids are a hoot, you guys.

(I know this whole month has been all-small-children(-and-baseball), all-the-time here on the blog. I will return to the geekier pop culture stuff before too long, probably, as life re-normalizes and I get back up to speed.)

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