Monday, April 29, 2013

Locate the exit

Not much news on the work front this week, with one possible exception as follows: I might have to leave the government contract-site office some time on Wednesday to go around the corner to my employer’s corporate office and talk to some co-workers on a completely different contract about whether or not the basic structure of the web application whose maintenance is my primary responsibility would be suitable for a project they are undertaking. I suppose it’s probably a bad sign when I look at that as an opportunity to maybe wedge open a bit of an escape hatch for myself; if things go sour around here the next time an option year renewal is due (September-ish) then maybe I can jump over to the other contract and keep the exact same salary and benefits (hooray) and commute (ok, that’s a mixed bag) and just re-build a new version of the software I’ve been working with for the past three, four years. But we shall see! Again, even this initial off-site meeting is still a maybe, as it’s possible that the other team only wants to talk to someone about the business logic that the application models, and not the nuts and bolts techie guts of the app itself, in which case my presence is in no way needed.

Anyway, with little to report on from the Big Gray I will keep this post relatively short, as well. The baby’s overnight sleeping got a little better this weekend, but still was not great. My wife and I took great pains to get a lot done on Saturday and Sunday in terms of housework and yardwork, and by and large we were successful, but ended up exhausted. Today is clearly a “show up, sit at my desk and survive” kind of day so all I really want to do is check in to that effect. Subjects of more interest (or at least more over-thinking) resume tomorrow.

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