Thursday, January 31, 2013

(Not-so-)New Resolutions

Somehow today is the last day of January, a development which I assured you was not cleared with me. Still, this seems like an apt time (or, at best, the least inapt opportunity remaining to me) to post my pop culture resolutions for 2013.

1. Watch Vertigo. I can already cross this one off the list, since I managed it this week.

2. Plus 24 other 1001 movies. Also as indicated in the above-linked post, I enjoyed being part of the 1001 Movies Blog Club last year and see no reason not to renew my commitment.

3. Finish Smallville. I have two seasons left to go, which amounts to about 44 episodes. As long as I average one per week I should make it by the end of the year (and usually when I set to it I wind up watching two or three at a go). I hear it only gets more ludicrous down the final stretch, so that should be fun.

4. Finish Akira. I am halfway through the six-volume manga masterpiece, after resolving to read all the books in the series several years ago. I certainly enjoy the books, so this is purely a matter of picking up the pace and powering through the remainder a bit faster. I’d like to say this could align nicely with my previously expressed intentions to focus on anime in May, but realistically I’d better give myself the rest of the year.

5. Re-read A Song of Ice and Fire. A leftover from last year, but worth giving myself an extension on, I reckon. Ideally I’ll get started on this soon, and hopefully have refreshed my memory on the first book and the early parts of the second before my wife and I start ripping through Game of Thrones Season Two sometime in the back half of February. The race is on!

So classic cinema, superhero tv shows, Japanese sci-fi comics and fantasy novel series … business as usual! Clearly this is not so much a bunch of new leaves to turn over as a set number of goals to achieve, so that when I’m amusing myself to death I can also tell myself that I’m accomplishing some things. Things on a list!

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