Monday, May 21, 2012


Things have very much lapsed back into quietude here at work, although I still have little bits and pieces of things requiring my attention, mainly stuff that I completely neglected while the hammer was coming down for a couple of weeks. I started looking at one of those tasks today and discovered that what had initially been handed to me as a list of changes I should implement was really a list of questions and suggestions, more specifically questions that I have no way of answering and suggestions requiring follow-up from someone with more expertise on the relevant subject matter. I make the websites work but I don’t really have any input or insight into what they say. So I will have to ship that assignment back over to my boss and ask him to answer the questions and follow up on the suggestions and turn the task into a somewhat more specific series of website updates, if possible. And that could take months, so who knows when I’ll actually start working on it.

And, not that I would ever really complain or say the timing was bad for my workload to be lightened, but it’s especially fortunate today. On Saturday my wife had to work and I supervised an electrician’s visit (two and a half years in, slowly but surely the bizarrely haphazard wiring of our house is getting straightened out), ran some errands with the kids, worked out a bit while they were napping, and once my wife was home again got through the whole dinner/bath/bedtime routine reasonably on schedule. Sunday I mowed the (crazily overgrown) lawn, took the little guy to the park, straightened up the house during nap time, and then we had a few of our college friends and their kids over for a cookout dinner. The little girl made it abundantly clear that she needed to go to bed right about at her usual hour, but we let her big brother stay up until all the guests had left (which all told was only about an extra hour and a half of awake time for him, tops) and then shuffled him off, too. Then, despite the fact that we had already eaten large helpings of dessert with our guests, my wife and I realized there was so much confectionary food left in the house that we really needed to have another go at it before calling it a day. In other words, the whole weekend was physical exertion, physical exertion, physical exertion and then segued into beer, grilled meat, refined sugar, more beer, still more sugar, none of which portends good things for my feelings towards my alarm clock come Monday.

I know I was just ululating this particular lamentation on Friday, but urgh it was hard to get up from my bed and get out of the house this morning. The fact that it was actively raining yet also muggy didn’t help. But coming in to a reasonably undemanding work situation is a blessing and I am absolutely going to count it.

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