Thursday, May 10, 2012


Two full days on from the ear tube insertion, the little girl is doing extremely well. She was, in point of fact and as noted previously, doing much better in the days leading up to the visit to the surgery center, too, but of course that fact simply gave rise to the possibility that convalescing from the procedure would amount to something of a setback, somehow. But it didn’t! She’s been sleeping well at night, and during the day has been as bright and delighted and delightful as ever. There even seem to be some signs that she’s closer than ever to taking her first steps on her own or saying her first identifiable words; I mean, of course she’s closer than ever, the mere passage of time all but guarantees that, but getting over her back-to-back-to-back ear infections and receiving her tubes seems to have nudged her noticeably in that direction all at once. We shall see how long it takes to actually hit the milestones.

So, of course, I am tempted to declare us all fully out of the woods. The surgery did not take an odds-defyingly unpleasant turn, so in fact we are out of the stretch of trees where the little girl is under anesthesia and her mother and I are holding our collective breath. Similarly, our daughter is currently infection-free and that portion of the woods is behind us as well. The hope is that ear infections as a recurring and ongoing concern are a thing of the past, and more often than not we will be a family of four who all sleep through the night just fine, and peace and harmony will reign throughout the land. One would hope. We’ve at least been optimistic enough to put away the nebulizer and the humidifier and the various infant acetaminophen and infant ibuprofen dispensary syringes for now. Maybe it will turn out to be (yet another) magical silver bullet, maybe not, but things are good. Sometimes good news is no news, but at least that allows this post to be short and sweet.

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