Friday, May 4, 2012

A Great Disturbance in the Empire

Obviously I did not have the cognitive capacity to blog yesterday because my head a’sploded upon learning that a stupid, random batting practice injury had ended Mariano Rivera’s season and quite possibly his career. I’ve been bracing myself for the Yankees losing the Sandman for a couple of years now (dude’s not getting any younger) and wondering whether it would be better to have him retire with dignity at the top of his game, leaving us to ruefully ponder throughout the very next season if he had departed too soon, or if watching him grind out a final season which was clearly on the wrong side of one-too-many would somehow make it easier to let go. I admit I had not envisioned the “ruptured ACL while shagging ground balls” scenario, and thus was unprepared for it. Oh, Mo, you were magnificent, and probably for far longer than we had any right to expect. You will be missed.

OK, in all seriousness, my paying gig has actually been a bit ridiculously busy this week (at least relative to how my job usually reckons with workload, i.e. not at all) plus every time I tried to turn my thoughts toward child-related issues yesterday the major point to contend with was that the little girl has in fact been scheduled for a tympanostomy this coming Tuesday, which I recognize myself being way less freaked out about the second time around but is still something which needs to be kind of head-down bulldozed through until the moment when my daughter comes out from under anesthesia and the surgical nurse says everything’s going to be just fine, so let’s touch base on that front again next Thursday, shall we?

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