Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Programming Notes

I am switching things up a bit this week, as follows:

Usually Tuesday is my wild-card day on the blog wherein I allow myself to post about whatever I please. With sporadic regularity, Tuesday often becomes Book Day, whenever I feel the need to hold forth about the latest book I’ve read or possibly my newest plan to organize what I want to read into some kind of thematic project.
Wednesday is Geek Out day around here, and a lot of comic book and video game and other nonsense-inspired thoughts wind up getting aired out midweek. I also recently indicated that my entries for the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Blog Club would go up on Wednesdays because that whole enterprise is pretty geeky, in the film-geek sense if not in the classic arguing-hypothetical-orc-versus-Klingon-battle-outcomes-geek sense.

You cannot unask the question.
(Incidentally, the main portal for the 1001 MYMSBYD Blog Club updates once a week, usually late Thursday night, so as a practical matter it makes sense for me to post my review on Wednesday so I can send the link to the review to the portal-runner so that he has it for Thursday. This is also why I didn’t link my review of Gangs of New York back to the portal, because at the time that post hit the blog, the portal would not have shown any other links to Gangs of New York reviews, nor any indication that I existed, since it was my first Club review. I’ll be linking back to the portal more in the future now that we’re past my initial debut. If you want to go check out other people’s takes on Gangs of New York Now, knock yourself out.)

You may have noticed that today, Tuesday, has already featured a Club review for the movie Daisies. The reason for this is because I’m saving tomorrow for … a book review. Which may seem to completely contradict my initial premise above, but trust me, the book in question is uber-geeky and in fact concerns itself with uber-geekiness in both plot points and themes, on top of which (if all goes well and I can find the time) I will be writing the review in a particularly geeky way. So it belongs on Wednesday.

Thursday as always will be devoted to my maniacal little moppets.

You may now return from the edge of your seat.

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