Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lest I go silent for too long

The three-day weekend went by way too fast, as all weekends inevitably seem to do. It further seems tha the longer the weekend, the faster it goes, like a heavier freight train with more momentum behind it or something like that. In any case, my wife and I set ourselves a fairly ambitious to-do list for the Saturday-to-Monday span, and still didn't get it all done.

Of course, things were complicated somewhat by the little guy getting a touch of ... the flu? Some other, unnamed bug? It started out as an isolated upset stomach Sunday afternoon-to-evening, then he seemed better on Monday morning, only to backslide last night by adding a fever into the mix. So today I took a day off from work in order to nursemaid him, and it's encompassed both extremes of toll-taking; on the one hand, he's been pretty easy to watch over because all he wants to do is lay quietly and watch DVDs, but on the other hand, that's very hard to contend with emotionally because I know how he must be suffering if he's so listless, and it just about breaks my heart.

He's napping right now so I figured I could spare five minutes to update the blog with an explanation for the lack of posts since Friday. (I mean, y'all probably could have pieced it together given my track record with federal holiday weekends, but I didn't want to skip today as well, even if I haven't got all that much to say about how we got here.) I hope to have a meaty post for 1001 Movies tomorrow, but it all depends on how the next 12 to 24 hours go, so no promises.

Sorry, WOW fans, I just thought this out-of-context picture was a hoot.

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