Thursday, November 17, 2011

TV Plug

Riveting stuff!
We interrupt a solid week of posts about my life at work to lament the fact that Community, which is my favorite show currently broadcast on network television, is going to be replaced by 30 Rock at the post-holiday mid-season resumption of original Thursday night programming on NBC. And I love 30 Rock, too, but I will be supremely sad if Community goes away forever. Supposedly it won't, because supposedly the network is still committed to shooting and airing the rest of this season's full order, but ... these are grim portents.

I wish I had a Nielsen box on my tv, but I don't. I'm the ideal viewer: male between 18 and 49, and I don't DVR the show and fast forward through the commercials, I actively faithfully reserve 8:00 p.m. as sacramental time to bask in the sitcom's magnificence. If you aren't watching Community, catch it while you still can! And for the love of Philo Farnsworth, if you are part of the Nielsen ratings sample, give the Greendale gang some love!

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