Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Migration, Your Gration

Super-short, better-than-nothing post today on what is apparently becoming All About Work Week, of which I will reveal more tomorrow &c.

My government agency office is undergoing an e-mail migration from your usual Microsoft Office Outlook software and Exchange Server set-up to a web-based, cloud-oriented model. This is the kind of thing I do for a living, on a different scale, and theoretically I'm all for it (especially because I really hate what an inefficient resuorce hog the Outlook client is). But everybody in the office, confronted with major changes to something as fundamentally indispensible as e-mail, is FREAKING THE HELL OUT. And of course a lot of them are coming to me for help, even though I am in no way officially affiliated with the agency's IT department, simply because I am "a web guy" and I "understand this stuff and can get it working, right?"

So, it's been a fun day. More tomorrow, assuming the internet connections don't all spontaneously melt down under the weight of the collective mind-losing.

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