Monday, November 28, 2011

Terrible petty things

Last Wednesday we had a departmental pizza party for lunch as kind of a pre-Thanksgiving meal. I had been nursing some elevated hopes about the food at said shindig because there is a pizza place on the ground floor of the next building over from ours which does a passable NY-style pie, and I thought there was a decent chance my government boss would order from said establishment. Alas, no, it was Domino’s delivery, which I believe was the first time I have sampled the fares of that franchise since their much-vaunted “we honestly had no idea everyone thought our pizzas were cheap garbage but now we’ve changed everything!” advertizing blitz. My verdict: I’m pretty sure I still would have known it was Domino’s if I had participated in a blindfolded taste test. Domino’s is still terrible, as pizza goes, which as we all know means it’s pretty good, it’s just that I’ve had so much better.

Be wary of foodstuffs whose biggest selling point is not the food itself, but how fast it gets to you.
So the food was a letdown but there were one or two bright sides in terms of the mealtime conversation in the conference room. A co-worker of mine shared a recipe with me for bacon-wrapped baked turkey breast which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and which I am determined to try out before the end of the year. And another co-worker broached the subject of the new Twilight movie which gave me the opportunity to rant out loud a little bit about the series’ general terribleness. This co-worker, I hasten to add, was not the same co-worker who had aroused my ire the week before with her weird disavowal of personal agency in her Twilight fandom (she taken off a day or two early for the Thanksgiving break) but from my perspective that was a good thing, because if I had found myself ranting at that co-worker specifically I might easily have gotten so het up as to cross some inadvisable office etiquette lines, whereas the actual recipient of my uninformed disdain was not someone I would feel the need to turn it into a personal vendetta with, and I was able to keep it breezily sarcastic and hopefully a little funny. Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Lady laughed, at least.

And then the short, bordering on pointless work week was over and it was time for Thanksgiving proper, which was lovely, and the long weekend thereafter, which was unfortunately marred by some ill-timed illness, but post for another day and all that.

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