Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy daze

This has been, in many ways, an atypical Monday.

For one thing, I know I kvetch all the time about being tired but seriously you guys, today I am exhausted. In large part I can attribute this to the visit my internet buddy paid to our humble home. We did, as predicted, engage in some hardcore dork-blathering (which sounds way more double entendre than I intended, ah well) but I still managed to resist the temptation to keep the open-ended conversation going until 2 or 3 in the morning. In fact, we were saying good night and respectively turning in by a little after 11. But still, I was probably overly wired, and we altered certain nighttime configurations (my buddy is allergic to cats so my wife and I made sure to shut up the cat with us in our room, and then since the door of our room was closed we turned on the baby monitor in our room to listen for the little guy, who was a little under the weather all weekend, and the baby monitor was as usual picking up Spanish radio broadcasts, faintly but enough to intrude on my ability to drift off) SO … very little sleep for me.

I have the strangest feeling I've used this exact picture before ... but that might be the sleeplessness talking.
I got up at the usual time today, got myself mostly ready and then woke up my buddy so he could get ready, and that meant I had time to savor my cup of coffee and read some of the Sunday paper and whatnot, and then we left the house about 35 minutes later than I normally do. And instead of heading to the local commuter bus lot or the Metro station, I got on 66 in the HOV lane and drove all the way into DC, so my buddy could catch the Megabus back to NYC which was supposed to leave at 8:30. This morning was obnoxiously foggy/misty which, as you can imagine, has nothing but deleterious effects on the general traffic congestion. So, backed out of the driveway a little after 6:30, got to the Megabus departure point (H and 10th) at about 8:15. At which point, after my buddy bailed out and I wished him a safe trip, I had to navigate up and over to M street so I could take the Key Bridge into Rosslyn. I got to work at 9, which is acceptable but, again, pretty atypical. I can’t remember exactly the last time I drove into work, but I think it was last winter one day when the offices were finally re-opened but the snow was still making the Metro and the VRE really hit-or-miss.

I’m dreading the commute home tonight, because I won’t be able to retrace my steps and head west on 66, now that it’s just buddy-less me and 66 is HOV only between here and the Beltway. I’ll presumably end up on 50, which has an annoying abundance of traffic lights.

Of course another prominently atypical aspect of today, as Mondays go, is that it’s the Monday of a short week, with the offices closed for Thanksgiving and the day after. That should be a silver lining I could latch onto but the fact that Thanksgiving is so imminent only serves to remind me that we have quite a bit of packing and preparation to do before we fly out west to see my mom for the holiday. I am looking forward to the visit, but getting the tri-part family unit through the multi-airport gauntlet on Thursday, less so. Although, man, if we make it through the whole trip without major incident, I’m going to run a serious risk of getting a little bit cocky.

In any case, in spite of my weird, sleep-deprived feelings of discontinuity, really all is well and good and normal. (Oh, and thank goodness, absolutely nothing new to report at work - still waiting on a bunch of stuff from other people and unable to move my projects forward due to circumstances beyond my control!) I just don’t have enough coherent thoughts to hang much of a blog post on – which, of course, I feel bad about because it’s a short week and I certainly won’t be posting on Thursday, Friday or through the weekend. Silly, sure, but that’s how the whole blogging thing has insinuated itself in my brain. Here’s hoping that maybe tomorrow I can manage one scintillating essay to prevent the entire week from being a loss. We shall see!

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