Thursday, November 11, 2010

He is the night

As I write this I am home from work (thanks, veterans!) and my wife is out shopping, while the little guy is upstairs ... I would say "trying to nap" but he's not trying very hard. Maybe more accurately I'm trying to get him to nap, but that doesn't actually involve me doing very much other than leaving him in his darkened room and hoping he gets the hint and falls asleep. (It's been an hour and half so far of him alternately talking and singing to himself - selections including the Lorax's monologue about gloppity-glop and the University of Michigan fight song - and crying out for mommy, who as I mentioned is not here). Anyway I may have to bolt at a moment's notice to answer any screaming from the crib, but I did want to relate a little bit of recent adorableness.

On Halloween, when we went over to my buddy's house, my buddy's 9-ish-year-old nephew was in attendance, dressed as Batman (the Batman Begins/Dark Knight version). As young lads are want to do, he got way into character, running around with dramatic swooshes of his cape. (Also brandishing a foam katana, the canonicity of which I might quibble with if I were humorless enough to quibble with 9-year-olds.) Apparently this made a major impression on the little guy, because a few nights later,upon existing the bathtub and having his towel-hood draped over his head, he yelled "I'm Batman!" and started running around the upstairs, towel swooshing with appropriate drama.

Biff!  Zam!  Pow!
Needless to say this slays me. He was at it again the past couple of nights, and I had taken to singing the Batman theme (Tim Burton/Danny Elfman version) as he ran through his caped crusader routine. Mainly I suspected I was providing a musical score to amuse myself - that is, until I stopped singing. Because at that point, the little guy stopped running around and turned to me and said "Daddy sing the song again!" So evidently he was very appreciative of the fact that running around pretending to be Batman accompanied by stirring orchestral compositions is far superior to the unaccompanied version of same.


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