Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Grab Bag of Follow-Ups

I know you're all dying to hear about the back-end of the commuting nightmare story from Wednesday. When I got off the Metro that afternoon and walked back to my car, I found that my predictions were 100% wrong: I had not beaten the SUV owner back to our respective vehicles, and the black behemoth was gone. Well, maybe not 100% wrong. I checked my passenger door and found I had been correct in assuming that no amount of frustration would overcome the physical impossibility of damaging my car with the SUV's door given only three inches of swinging space. There were a few whitish scuff marks, but nothing ruinous. In what I can only assume was the sole remaining avenue of retalliation for the SUV owner, a brown banana peel was plopped in the middle of my car hood. I honestly laughed as I chucked the banana peel into the woods. Banana peels are inherently funny! The SUV owner did a craphead thing by parking over the line, and in response I parked them in, which was (tenuously) arguably a craphead thing to do in and of itself, so the SUV owner in response left food-garbage on my hood. I can take it.

Now if they had smeared banana gunk all over my windshield, THAT would have been something else.

Sometimes I like to just scroll quickly down the front page of my own blog and take in the pictures to see what kind of composite portrait of me they convey. I did this after Monday's post and the elements were as follows: the Eye of Sauron, a Dalek, an Overstreet cover featuring the X-Men, the Voltron lions, the Frog Thor mini-bust, the $25,000 Pyramid, two Formula One cars, and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie poster. That may be the purest distillation of the general background noise in my head EVER. I have peaked. Also, apparently I am eleven years old.


I was talking on Monday about the allegedly forthcoming super-powered supermodels novels by Tyra Banks, which clearly falls under the twin headings of "things that hit multiple personal buttons" and also "things guaranteed to be awful, but possibly so-bad-they're-good". I ran into another example of that breed of two-headed monster last week, when I found out one of the many direct-to-video sequels to The Crow (which is one of my favorite movies ever) stars David Boreanaz. Despite (or perhaps because of) my love of the original Crow, I've never seen any of its descendants, movies or tv series. But I'm curious, especially hearing that Boreanaz was involved. It's probably still pretty terrible. If I do waste a Netflix on it, I'll let you know if it's so-bad-it's-good, or just so-profoundly-bad.


Hey we got new couches! Somehow I have failed to mention this, even though they were delivered like a week and a half ago. They are nice! I've made this joke to everyone who will listen (which is now about to include alla y'all) but these are literally the first pieces of furniture I've ever owned which I did not have to assemble myself. Not that that indicates a huge seismic shift or anything; I'll be putting furniture together again in the not too distant future, as there are hypothetical IKEA trips yet to be made. But still.

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