Thursday, March 5, 2015


So today is a snow day. Probably the last snow day of the winter, but that merely serves to emphasize the point that it is March 5th. I know we got off fairly easy this winter, no major crippling multi-day blizzards or anything. We never lost power, and we never found ourselves stranded without food. (With three small children, we pretty much have to make sure there's always more than enough provisions in the house to get us through to the next weekly shopping trip, because you just never know.) Still, I'd rather get through all the snowstorms in January and February if it's all the same, thanks very much.

I admit that I did a fair amount of eye-rolling at the people who were bawling on Facebook around Labor Day about how much they were going to miss summer. I mean, come on. Seasons change, life goes on, it's hard for me to scrape up much sympathy for someone who's devastated over something, like the beginning of fall, that hasn't technically happened yet. But what a difference six months makes. This first week of March is basically like aphelion if Labor Day were the sun (alaborion?) so yeah, right now I'm longing for summer.

But we don't get to control the passage of time any more than we get to control the weather. At least we can control our schedules based on meteorological predictions, though. School for the little guy was cancelled last night around 8, and the day care notified everyone they'd be closed shortly after that. It took until 4 or 5 this morning for the federal government to decide to close, but they made the right call, as did my wife's place of business. So we're all safe at home with a fire in the woodstove and Finding Nemo on the tv. It's still coming down out there, but I guess the snowy season might as well go out big.

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