Friday, April 18, 2014

Hardly knew ya

A quick timeline recap:

Late September, 2012 - I lament the fact that a Mediterranean cuisine joint featuring falafels and such has been under construction for a seeming eternity.

Late November, 2012 - The Black Lime Cafe opens for business. Better late than never!

Early September 2013 - I finally make my first visit to the Black Lime and deem its food not undelicious. I will return there a couple more times in the following months.

March 2014 - Black Lime presumably goes out of business per the eviction notice plastered to its front door.

I just noticed the eviction paperwork the other day, myself. Earlier this week I spent my lunch half-hour on the phone with my mom, pacing the sidewalk in front of my office building to get a clear cell signal, and wandered past Black Lime. I made sure to check the date on the papers to see how long it had been since the place had shut down. Obviously I never got in the habit of going there for lunch frequently - although, to be fair, for much of 2014 I’ve been trying to save money and watch what I eat and not go anywhere for lunch all that often.

On the one hand, it’s kind of a bummer that the location failed (or so I assume, not knowing any of the particulars of what happened or why; maybe they had it coming somehow) as it makes the casual dining options around here a little less varied. But as I also said in some of the posts I linked to above, I became fascinated with the place before it ever opened mainly based on college-era nostalgia, which turned out to be something that the offerings at Black Lime barely resembled.

And on the other hand, if I really want to try to spin a silver lining out of it, I suppose it’s a good sign of the general climate of economic recovery that a restaurant flaming out spectacularly, not just closing gracefully but actually getting evicted, just kind of strikes me as an unfortunate isolated incident and not a terrible harbinger signifying that the whole house of cards is about to come tumbling down. So there’s that.

As I recently acknowledged, there’s something almost irresistible about closure, and since I had previously tracked the little falafel joint hereabouts, I figured it was only fair to note its passing as well. Farewell, little loved eating place, and flights of chickpea-winged angels sing thee to thy rest.

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