Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"I would only ever blind you with good news"

... is what I said to my wife this morning, when the baby woke up on the early side and she fetched him from his crib and sat in the glider next to our bed to nurse him, in the dark, while I rolled over and picked up my phone off the nightstand to refresh the OPM page in my web browser. I held the phone out for my wife to see, but was more than an arm's length away and thus only succeeded in overloading her eyes with the site of a white screen in a black room. I then informed her that the screen said the federal offices in D.C. were closed today due to snow. Hence, good news.

I was away all weekend, including Monday, with the two bigger kids on a visit to my dad's. Having the day off today means a bit more time to unpack and sort dirty laundry from clean and generally recuperate (not to mention reconnect with my lovely spouse). It also means I haven't blogged since last Thursday and am just throwing this up as a low content placeholder to show some signs of life around here and scare away cyber-hobos.

More soon, maybe tomorrow but with the way it's been snowing all day and is supposed to go into the night, maybe not?

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