Friday, August 2, 2013

Where has 58.4% of this year gone already?

It is August! Yes, fine, it was August as of yesterday but I had my usual Thursday subject matter to attend to. Today I find myself low on inspiration for new content, which actually seems in keeping with this particular stretch of the year.

I mentioned a month or so ago how August is a holiday-free zone and thus a bit of a slog. My wife has also been commenting lately that she is not a really big fan of this month and she kind of can't wait for fall (imminent freakouts about our oldest child starting kindergarten in September notwithstanding). Some years we look forward to our family beach trip in August, but not this year. It's just kind of sitting there, a deserted stretch of the calendar. Normally I'd be able to blame some extreme heat for sapping my will to be creatively verbose, but it's actually been unseasonably mild the past couple of days. Watch, now that I've said that we'll get a record-breaking state-of-emergency heatwave or something.

But hey, any excuse to put up a rad picture of Brian Blessed (which if you guys don't expect by now, you really should).

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