Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ready, set ...

I doubled up on posts yesterday because I knew today would be a quickie: I’m only at work for the morning, and leaving at noon to pick up the little guy at home and take him to kindergarten orientation. Which is very exciting! I’m sure the transition from his idle summer at home to full-five-day-a-week school will be a bit of a bumpy process, for him and his mother and me (as most major changes are) but there’s no turning back now so we might as well stride confidently forward.

Things on the domestic child-rearing front have been reasonably pleasant and tranquil of late. The baby’s first tooth is coming in, which has thrown him off a little bit although he still remains one of the happiest little infants I’ve ever known. The little girl has very recently discovered the phrase “That’s my favorite!” and is of course applying it indiscriminately to anything and everything that falls into her line of sight or comes up in conversation. The other day she also, along with her brother, found one of the toys I had packed away in the basement, a minigaming figure that stands over a foot tall, since it depicts an interstellar giant who eats planets. The little girl took one look at Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, picked him up, hugged him and looked at me with a beaming smile and said “I love him!” Which was pretty rad

The raddest thing the little guy himself has said lately has been a clarification of his career intentions. As he explained to my wife and me, the plan now is that when he grows up he will be a paleontologist AND an astronomer. “When the sun is up, and it’s light outside, I’ll dig for fossils! And when it’s dark, I’ll look at the stars!” I certainly can’t argue with that, but it’s going to require a couple of advanced degrees, at least. So we'd better get that whole schooling thing off on the right foot.

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