Thursday, February 28, 2013

Still ticking

If I’ve done my math right, I believe that as of today my wife is slightly more pregnant than she was the day that she underwent labor induction for the birth of the little guy. It remains to be seen if the current pregnancy will continue much longer, if it will end up surpassing the total amount of time my wife was pregnant with the little girl (which would take another week and a half), and if in fact it will go all the way to the calculated due date (or … beyond!) not to mention whether it will all end with induced labor or just … labor.

We’re rooting for “just labor”, for what it’s worth. Both of our munchkins turned out just fine despite being induced, but at the same time they had issues we had to work through which may not necessarily have been as bad, or might have been eliminate doutright, if they had been born full-term and intervention-free. It would be nice to go that route this time around, and it is an option we have as of this moment. My wife’s blood pressure is nice and low compared to third trimester’s past, no doubt due to the combination of her body getting the hang of it and her less demanding work schedule these days. (Staying home with one or both kids can be just as exhausting, physically mentally and emotionally, but it’s less inherently stressful and aggravating, which I contend makes all the difference.) She hasn’t had another episode of contractions as prolonged as this past Sunday pre-dawn, but she has still been having them here and there. Her body is gearing up for labor, and we have the luxury of waiting until her body is absolutely ready of its own accord, so … the clock ticks and the calendar flips and we shall see.

Of course what’s going to happen is what’s going to happen, and there could be a sudden late-game development which makes induction the more safe and rational choice. Or my wife could go a week past her due date with no troubling developments and then go into labor, or she could go into labor tonight or tomorrow. It seems like Murphy’s Law is the overdeterminer once again; if we race through our pre-baby to-do list and want the little bundle-o-fun to come NOW, we’ll be kept on pins and needles until the back half of March. If we cut ourselves some slack to get things done because we have plenty of time, my wife’s water will break in the middle of the night tonight. I suppose the good news is that neither of those two possibilities would really be all that terrible.


  1. Wishing you and your family well in the coming weeks!!

    1. Thanks! You would think on our third go-around we'd be taking it all in stride, but every time is a new adventure!