Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I can’t quite seem to figure out if I don’t particularly have anything to write about today or if I just don’t particularly want to write about anything today. Maybe a bit of both, but I’ll dive in and see what I can do all the same.

My wife and I did a fair amount of socializing over this past weekend and I got into some interesting conversations about all manner of things, from Stephen King to Pandora Internet Radio to the upcoming new Star Wars movies. In other words, all manner of things that are really interesting to me. But it may very well be that in the course of those evenings, I got a good deal of that stuff out of my system.

I’m excited about spring training for baseball (catchers and pitchers have already reported!) but less psyched about the Yankees’ chances overall this year. I’m having a hard time denying the general consensus that New York’s roster is too old and too expensive. But I can only wait and see what they put on the field, and that’s still several weeks off.

It’s Lincoln’s birthday, and Darwin’s birthday, and my brother-in-law’s birthday. And they are all some pretty sweet dudes! But there’s no scintillating insight I can add to what’s already glutting teh interwebs today for two out of three of them, or without grossly infringing on the privacy of the third.

I caught up on most of the work stuff yesterday, and I watched another 1920’s silent movie which I’ll review tomorrow, and the kids have been up to all their usual craziness (and then some) which I’ll divulge on Thursday. We’re still waiting to work something out with the bank to unload the old townhouse, and slowly but surely working on fixing up the house where we actually live, both in terms of general upkeep and specific newborn prep.

Probably a recipe for skipping a day on the blog if ever there was one, but I just hate doing that, even if my only other option is to acknowledge that nothing headline-worthy has gone down lately and that I lack the mental wherewithal to invent anything of similar caliber. Everything is holding steady!

Right then, we’ll try this again tomorrow.

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