Monday, October 1, 2012


Sometime middle of last week the little IT elves came around and hooked up my new unclassified computer. The new machine has slightly more memory and processing power, so I find myself getting hung up waiting for things to load less frequently. And that’s swell, and I know in this mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world I should be thankful for any situational improvements that come my way.

However, it’s still a computer running Windows Vista (meh) and loaded with IE7 (booooooo) so there’s no improvement on those fronts. Plus, the changeover was made despite the fact that my various software license issues had not been resolved, so I actually am more limited on balance now, in terms of what I can get done in a given day, than I was before with the older, junkier box. The software re-installs are allegedly in the works, but of course nobody knows exactly when they’ll be sorted out and completed. I do know a few workarounds that I can make use of to avoid being altogether unproductive, but … oy.

I still have three computers under my desk, by the by. Since I’ve been switched over to the new machine for the unclassified network, my old piece of garbage is of no foreseeable use to me. I guess it’s of no use to anyone else, either, since it has yet to be removed. If it’s my responsibility in some way to dispose of it, I have not yet been informed of the details of that arrangement.

I try not to lean to heavily on the “your tax dollars at work” punchline around here, because it’s just way too easy, but sometimes, man … I mean, come on.

P.S. Also, it is my birthday (statement of fact!) and there was cake. At 9:15 a.m. Technically there were two cakes, and three people’s birthdays being acknowledged, as I have a co-worker whose birthday was yesterday and another whose birthday is tomorrow. The natal clustering was remarked upon by some other colleagues and I pointed out (as I often do) that late September/early October birthdays are extremely common because they are about nine months after Christmas and New Years. This put my co-worker whose birthday was yesterday agog as she admitted “I never thought about it like that!” Would you care to take a guess as to exactly which co-worker that might be?

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