Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whedonday Grab Bag (WHEDON WEEK - Part Five)

Happy birthday, Joss! And many more. May you live at least another 48 years and spend every one of them writing, directing, producing, and maybe even branch out into baking cookies. (What? I love cookies.)


And now ... Whedon Miscellany!!! Which, I swear, was my plan for Part Five all along. So with the week getting slightly interrupted by skipping Thursday, it's just as well that these little extra bits wind up on Saturday!


I haven't even touched on Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog this week, but it is of course one of the finest excursions of whimsy the 21st century has seen so far, full stop. And I would be remiss if I did not at the very least give a shout-out to Bad Horse.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Thoroughbred of Sin is my wife's favorite character in the works of Whedon, but it's fair to say that Bad Horse is probably her favorite concept. Because he's a real horse!


I've mentioned in the past that my wife and I have made NBC's Thursday night sitcom lineup appointment televison for pretty much the entirety of our cohabitation. So we've seen more or less every episode of The Office, including the ones which were directed by Whedon, "Business School" and "Branch Wars". Of course it's "Business School" that we remember best, and that's because it's the one with the bat in the B story, as well as Jim pretending to be turning into a vampire to freak Dwight out, which aligns so perfectly with Whedon's sensibilities. Whedon didn't write the episode himself, or come up with either the bat trapped in the office or Jim's prank, he really was just working for hire on a show he loved featuring writers and actors he enjoyed working with, and things lined up just so. But I still like to think that he put enough of himself into the job that there's a good reason why I could barely remember what the A story was from "Business School" until I looked up the episode title on Wikipedia.


Joss Whedon exists in Clix form.

That is fricking sweet.


That's it for Whedon Week! Thanks for reading. Grr. Arg.

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