Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Report

Much, much better Santa last night, not at the mall but at the local nursery and garden center, of all places. Said nursery also happens to have a dog park where we’ve taken our mutts for a romp before, which means at this point I think we’ve been there more often just to hang out and do stuff for free than to actually buy stuff (though secondarily last night my wife did manage to pick up some ornaments for a work Secret Santa exchange, so we’re not total freeloaders I suppose).

The little guy enjoyed having a more leisurely conversation with Santa, although there was a bit of frame of reference disconnect. When asked what he wanted, the little guy replied (as he has been consistently for a while now) that he wanted “two cars and a race track”. Santa then started asking what color cars he wanted but that threw the little guy for a loop, because of course he was referring to Pixar Cars and the colors are really beside the point as it’s the names of the characters that allow you to differentiate one from the next. But then on top of that my son has been consistently referring to the character “Tex” as “Text” (which I suppose shows how utterly addicted to our phones his mother and I are) so I’m not sure at this point if anyone who doesn’t live with the child can readily understand his inside references anyway.

Our little girl sat willingly enough on Santa’s lap, too, and didn’t even come close to getting freaked out. No tears, just lots of fascinated staring. So all in all it was a side trip well worth making. Tonight I’m going to do some Christmas baking and give the iTunes Christmas playlist I’ve been assembling a test spin. Hopefully all of that will make me feel suitably seasonal while distracting me from the sheer mountain of to-do’s I still need to scale in the next eight days.

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