Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Before and after

Getting closer and closer to Christmas brings out the little kid in me, the one who thrives on constant overstimulation in the form of animated tv specials and seasonal music and department store holiday displays and never-ending food &c.

Getting beyond Christmas, on the other hand, brings out the grouchy yet responsible grown-up in me. I don't think this was always the case, but it seems to be the way of things now, as evidenced by last night, when I spent a large chunk of the evening hauling garbage and recycling up the driveway to the curb, including a bargeload of cardboard boxes, the large containers in which various gifts (both given and received) were shipped to our house and the smaller bits of packaging for individual toys and electronics and whatnot. And the strangest part was that the overwhelming feeling I was left with was one of relief. As in, it was really troubling to me on some level that the garage was so chockablock full of empty cardboard boxes and properly disposing of all of it at once brought me tremendous satisfaction and took a weight off my shoulders.

Anyway, sorry to have lapsed into low-content mode here but the post-Christmas exhaustion has been pretty profound and going back to work was not exceptionally inspirational. I'm sure things will be feeling back to normal soon, but until then I'll just pop in and out occasionally when opportunity is coincident with motivation. The randomness should keep everyone on their toes.

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