Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There's a definite sense of marking time that's starting to settle in, which is only partly related to some of the things I mentioned yesterday, like Ms. A.'s departure and the possible rescheduling of our office move. Going past one anticipated event and finding another one suddenly cast into limbo creates a weird, floaty disconnectedness; if we're not heading towards The Next Thing, what are we doing?

You can see other examples, too, just take your pick from the various subjects I usually go on about, from treasured to trite. The little guy seems to have successfully transitioned to new daycare with no repercussions (if you overlook the fact that he woke up loudly and demandingly at 5:30 in the morning on both Saturday and Sunday, which seemed a wee bit sadistically vindictive). Community and the rest of the Thursday night appointment television are in post-sweeps reruns. Nothing major is happening - everything just is.

Front and center, of course, is the fact that my wife's due date is thirty-nine days away. The repainting of the nursery proceeds like it's on some kind of geological timetable. Indeed, it's not so much that I'm redecorating the room as waiting on a perverse type of erosion to occur. I never thought I would ever have use for a phrase like "obnoxious, ornery shade of beige" but that exactly the phrase I am forced to employ to describe the tinted hit the previous owners perpetrated on the ceiling and moulding of the soon-to-be-nursery, a shade which is downright hostile to being covered up, even by multiple coats. Yet I assure you I realize that at this point I am LITERALLY WRITING ABOUT WATCHING PAINT DRY. Which, yes it's on my mind and all, but man. Sorry about that.

But not much else is up! Things are proceeding more or less as we expect them to. My wife is counting down the days of work she has left before maternity leave. Bulbs we planted last year are starting to send up green shoots as spring inexorably draws on. The little guy insists on being addressed as various fictional characters rather than by his own name, including but not limited to Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, Lightning McQueen, Mickey Mouse, and in a new development last night, Captain Hook. (In that last scenario I got to be Tick-Tock the Croc, which I have to admit was pretty awesome.)

Hero, villain, or symbol of an uncaring universe of reptilian coldness?
Other than that, though, no surprises, no shake-ups, nothing we haven't seen in some form or another before. I suppose I should be grateful for the calm before the storm, and I really am, but it makes the daily bloggery a bit of a chore.

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